Hello, I'm Jen

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I'm a designer and op-shop, thrifted and recycled fashion stylist based in Sydney, Australia. 

I am a self taught designer of prints and patterns. My designs are fun, nostalgic and whimsical......just like me!

Let's stay in touch and keep each other inspired xx

Things that rock my socks!

I am in love with vintage and retro fabrics and design. I collect and sell both. I especially adore novelty patterns and prints - show me anything with cactus, cowboys and cocktails!

I mostly wear recycled, thrifted and vintage clothes. I love the hunt for them and how I can affordably curate a unique and evolving look. I teach how to style recycled fashion. If you are interested in recycled fashion, please join my Facebook group Thrifty Style Warrior

Why Juice Creative?

With a surname like Guice, I have spent my life mistakenly being called "Jen Juice". You can imagine the horror I endured waiting to correct a new teacher at school amongst giggles from my peers!

Nowadays my family and friends call me Jen-Juice endearingly, and I love it!

So, Juice Design & Style it is.