Recycled fashion is my passion

I love fashion and I love to be creative in the way I dress. However, I don't love the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry.


Wearing recycled fashion reduces waste to landfill, decreases the water, energy and carbon footprint of clothes, often it supports our communities is far more affordable and is great fun! 

Let me help you embrace recycled fashion!

recycled Fashion

stylist services

My free guide to overcome the overwhelm shopping for recycled fashion

Personal online stylist report $45 AUD

Hosted private recycled style opshop party for your group. Includes a coffee, recycled shopping bag and a glass of bubbles.

$5pp will be donated to the charity of your choice. Pay it forward!

Recycled fashion talks & workshops for groups

group op-shop tour


(air bnb experience)


We live in an exciting time of change and awareness. As women we can make a difference to our environment and to the lives of others by our fashion choices and where we choose to spend our $!


If you want to learn more or get involved in the sustainable fashion movement, I have compiled a list of great places and people for you to go and check out...

Join me and all of the Thrifty Style Warriors in my private Facebook group!

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